Finland offers leading education in various fields of study such as information technology, biotechnology, environmental sciences, architecture, music, art, and design. Nevertheless, educational opportunities are not limited in the country. The quality of education in the country is quite impressive and the cost of education is low. Universities and polytechnics present in the country normally do not charge any fee as the Ministry of Education funds higher education at the university level.

Official Currency: Euro (EUR)
Capital: Helsinki
Language – Finnish, Swedish

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Education is highly valued in Finland, and the high standard of education forms one of the corner-stones of the Finnish national strategy, which is based on a desire to develop the country as an information society.

For foreign students, studying and training in Finland offers a safe, though quite exotic way to acquire academic and professional experience, as well as to gain personal growth through living in a foreign country and culture. Every year an increasing number of international students choose Finland as their place of study, Finnish universities have developed numerous English-language study programmes.

At the moment some 11 300 foreign students representing more than 40 nationalities are studying for a degree in Finland, and of them approximately 5 900 are enrolled in universities.

Finland is a welfare state with the aim of securing for its 5.2 million inhabitants equal opportunities for a good life and for the most efficient use of its resources as possible. Finland is traditionally known for its high level of technology and outstanding architecture and design. Successful Finnish businesses such as Nokia, Marimekko and Wärtsilä are known all over the world.